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Appreciate the Defining Masterpiece of World War I at this New Exhibition

Don’t miss your chance to see the stunning work of John Singer Sargent at the National World War I Museum’s latest featured exhibit. Displaying Sargent’s pivotal masterpiece entitled Gassed, this show invites you to view the painting that encapsulates the wartime experience of British soldiers in the first World War.

Reaching a British dressing station southwest of the French city of Arras in the summer of 1918, famed American artist John Singer Sargent found his subject for an overdue painting. Sargent had been commissioned by the British Government to contribute the central painting for a Hall of Remembrance for the World War. He had procrastinated until he saw the dressing station in the small village of Bailleulval which treated a number of British soldiers who had been blinded by a mustard gas attack.

Considered one of the most important war-related works of the past several centuries, Gassed was hailed as “monumental” by the New York Times, a “masterpiece” by the Daily Mail, and “extraordinary” by The Guardian. The panoramic scene not only shows the devastation to the young men in uniform, but in an ironic juxtaposition—a soccer game is being played in the background, with the players seemingly unaware of the soldiers in the forefront of the painting.

Gassed, which is on loan from the Imperial War Museums in the U.K., has been viewed by tens of millions of people since its completion. Its significance has grown over time to be hailed as one of the “10 Best British Artworks About War,” while The Guardian listed Gassed among “1,000 Artworks to See Before You Die.”

The exhibition also includes original maps and reproductions of many of Sargent’s study drawings for the painting. Additionally, the Museum and Memorial will feature historical and contemporary objects showing detection and protection from chemical warfare from World War I through the modern era. It is a sweeping exhibition of this defining artwork, so make sure you see it on display at the National World War I Museum!

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Event Time/Date:
Saturday, March 3, 2018—10:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
National World War I Museum and Memorial
100 W 26th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64111

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