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How to Host a Gift Exchange in Your 1-Bedroom Apartment

Yes, Your 1-Bedroom Apartment is Big Enough to Host a Gift Exchange. Here’s How.

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A Quick Guide to Hosting in Your One-Bedroom Apartment in Kansas City

If you and your closest friends never got around to having a gift exchange this year, it’s not too late. In fact, you can even host it in your one-bedroom apartment. Now, we know what you’re thinking: there’s no way all your guests can fit comfortably within your apartment. However, with proper planning and a few adjustments, your gift exchange is sure to be a hit.

Whether you’re hosting a belated gift exchange or you’ve already got a head start on next year’s, this guide will help you make the most of your Kansas City apartment.

Without further delay, here’s how to host an awesome gift exchange in your one-bedroom apartment.

#1 – Invite Your Guests

First, it’s important to make a guest list, so you can gauge how many people are participating in the exchange. You’ll want to aim for an even number, as this ensures everyone will give and receive a gift. Knowing how many people to expect can also help you determine how much room you’ll need to make in your one-bedroom apartment.

#2- Plan the Exchange

Once your guest list has RSVP’d, it’s time to start the exchange process. A random online generator or app can help determine who will be gifting whom and keep things secretive, if you’re wanting to go more of a “secret santa” route.

To avoid your gift exchange turning into a costly investment, set a budget or spending limit right away. This will help keep gifts within the same price range, and make for a fair trade.

#3 – Serve Appetizers

Appetizers are a must for your gift exchange. Small plates, charcuterie boards, or desserts are easy to pick up and eat, and give your guests something to snack on during the exchange. To make things extra festive, you can even provide holiday treats to get everyone in the spirit.

If you don’t want to tackle everything alone, ask each of your friends to bring something to share with the group. Once everyone arrives, there will be a delicious spread for everyone to enjoy.

#4 – Separate the Space

If you’re concerned about space in your one-bedroom apartment, make sure there are a variety of areas for your guests to enjoy throughout the entire apartment. For example, create a spot for everyone to drop off their gifts by the door, arrange seating in the living room, and display the food in the kitchen. This prevents everyone from clumping together, and will evenly spread guests throughout your space.

#5- Plan Accordingly

Once you know how many people are coming, plan accordingly to ensure everyone has a spot during the exchange. If everyone is comfortable on the floor, that works just fine. If you’d rather sit down, pull chairs from the kitchen or rent folding chairs to make sure everyone has a seat. To optimize the space in your one-bedroom apartment, push all of your furniture to the perimeter of the room.

Hosting at WaterSide Residences on Quivira

Hosting in your one-bedroom apartment at Waterside Residences on Quivira has never been easier. Our spacious luxury apartments near you are available in 19 unique floor plans, so you’re guaranteed to find a layout that complements your lifestyle.

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No matter which floor plan you decide on, your Kansas City apartment will include a living room, dining area, kitchen, private patio, as well as corresponding bedrooms and bathrooms. What’s more, our luxury apartments near you provide a variety of amenities right at your fingertips, offering you a living space that makes you feel like royalty.

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