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Supporting Your Healthy Lifestyle | WaterSide Residences

Why WaterSide Residences on Quivira is Perfect for an Active Lifestyle

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Our luxury apartments have everything you need to support your healthy lifestyle 

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on your goals and what you want to make of the year ahead. Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions involve health, including exercising more, losing weight, and eating healthier. 

Whether you’re looking to ring in the new year with a healthier lifestyle or continuing your perfected routine, our luxury apartments at WaterSide Residences on Quivira provide you with numerous community amenities that are sure to help you reach your goals.

Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

It can be easy to neglect exercise due to work or your social life, but there are so many things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a way that works for you and your schedule. Living an active lifestyle comes with countless benefits to not only your mental and physical health but your overall well-being. 

Frequent exercise helps reduce your stress levels. When we exercise, our brain releases endorphins, or the feel-good chemical, instantly boosting our mood. Exercise is essential for sustaining mental fitness, as it improves our cognitive function and enhances our alertness. With a sharper mind, we enjoy improved concentration, making it easier to complete our to-do lists.

Exercise also gives us more energy throughout the day. When we exercise, oxygen circulation inside the body is increased, allowing our body to function and use energy more effectively. Moving throughout the day can also help us get a good night’s rest by increasing our need for sleep and improving sleep quality.

It may also be worthwhile to wake up a little earlier to squeeze in that morning workout before you head to work, as exercising strengthens creativity. Because physical activity promotes brain function and implements the binding of nerve cells, we are more likely to retain new information after a workout. 

Staying Healthy in your One-Bedroom Apartment

As the days become shorter in the winter, it’s natural to not want to leave your apartment. Fortunately, there are ways that you can still work toward your goals in the comfort of your new apartment home. 

You don’t need a ton of space to have an efficient workout. There are several ways to move your body without even leaving your luxury apartment. The good news is they don’t require a lot of jumping or noise, so your neighbors will thank you later.

Perform basic bodyweight resistance exercises, such as push-ups, squats, and sit-ups. No equipment is necessary for this simple, yet effective, workout. Start small and work your way up to more reps. If you want to include some weight, consider adding anything you have on hand, like soup cans or water bottles. Bodyweight exercises build strength and endurance. 

Another great way to stay active in your one-bedroom apartment is to practice yoga. Yoga promotes balance and flexibility. Because it can be done anywhere, it’s the perfect activity for days that you don’t want to leave your cozy new apartment home. Search for yoga poses online for some inspiration, and you’re ready to start.  

Utilizing the amenities already available in your apartment can also help you create the lifestyle you’re dreaming of. Eating healthy and feeling motivated to cook has never been easier at WaterSide Residences on Quivira. Our luxury apartment kitchens feature stainless steel, energy-efficient appliances and gourmet kitchen islands to assist all your healthy cooking needs. 

Use the Amenities at Your Luxury Apartment

Explore all the community amenities that your new apartment home has to offer. At WaterSide Residences on Quivira, we understand that exercise doesn't look the same for everyone, so we have extensive indoor and outdoor community amenities that can help get your body moving just the way you like. 

Our complete indoor fitness center provides you with a comfortable place to start exercising. If you’re wanting to get some fresh air while you workout, consider using any of the outdoor amenities available to you. We offer a lap pool, bike rentals, walking trails, and even massage therapy for after your workout. 

New Apartments for Rent in Your Area

Located in Lenexa, Kansas, WaterSide Residences on Quivira wants to help you stick to your resolution this year. Our luxury apartments for rent provide you with everything you need to live an active lifestyle. 

Come visit us at 8201 Quivira Road to experience all of the amazing amenities we have to offer. Get directions from your current location now.


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