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How to Get Your Luxury Apartment Ready for 2023

How to Get Your Luxury Apartment Ready for the New Year

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Make 2023 Your Freshest, Most Stylish, Fun Year Yet in Our Kansas City Apartments

As we move closer to the turn of the year and begin 2023, many of us make resolutions and reflect on what we want to improve. Our first message to you is this: don’t be so hard on yourself! Enjoy the year ahead and don’t start it with a list of promises and exaggerated ambitions that you know you won’t be able to keep by the time March rolls around.

Instead, focus on the things you know you can control, and start small, so you can feel good about your choices and commitments to yourself without setting yourself up to fail! A great way to do this is to start with your living space: your one-bedroom apartment. Enhancing your home sets you up for a great year ahead. This is a manageable “resolution” that will have you feeling good, refreshed, and ready to take on all that 2023 brings – no shame attached!

As the premier luxury apartments near you, we love sharing tips and tricks to ensure our residents are enjoying themselves and living life to the fullest. Keep in mind, this also includes your furry friend, as our apartments are pet-friendly! So, here is our list of three things you can do now or soon to get your luxury apartment ready for the new year.

1. Does Your Luxury Apartment Need a Winter Cleaning?

Cleaning out your apartment can help bring peace of mind and get you excited about the other changes we’re about to mention below. Cleaning out clothes, accessories, and other items for donation is the best way to start, and you can pare down shelves, drawers, and closets until you feel like you’re down to the perfect amount of “stuff,” as well as your most important keepsakes and other special items.

While you don’t have to do a complete purge in your one-bedroom apartment, keep in mind that the key here is to maximize space, and trying to be efficient will help you have a clear head for the new year. Then, you can think about what to add! It’s also likely that you’ll more thoroughly enjoy your furry roommate in your pet-friendly apartment because your space isn’t as cluttered as it may have been in the past. Decluttering means de-stressing, and de-stressing means you’ll have more time to enjoy the amenities and driveable fun we have in store for you at our apartments in the Kansas City area.

2. Choose a Vibe for Your Luxury Apartment

Think about what you want 2023 in your Kansas City apartment to look and feel like. How do you want to enjoy this space? Your one-bedroom apartment should be a place you look forward to coming home to or even working from, and you can easily make this happen by making design choices that fit the way you want to experience your home-life in 2023.

Want your apartment to feel like a country farmhouse? You can add coziness, wall art, and decorative accessories to quickly match the vibe. Want to go chic, modern, and supercool? Look at some online vision boards or Pinterest for inspiration. Do you need a dedicated area for your home workspace? Make sure it has all the accouterments you need, including that perfect desk lamp, chair, and perfectly-stocked artisanal cup with your favorite pens.

You may even consider setting up a cozy corner or dedicated area for your pet in your pet-friendly apartment. Ensuring your furry friend has their own space and isn’t dominating every aspect of your apartment can also help set the right vibe. Really, anything can be done to make your place a little bit more exciting, but getting the vibe right is an easy touch to get your 2023 started on the right foot.

3. Turn Your Bathroom Into a Mini Spa

Taking care of ourselves in special ways to ensure our health and wellbeing don’t always come to mind when we get caught up with our busy schedules. However, you can make some changes in your bathroom to turn it into a mini spa. That way, you can look forward to getting ready in the morning and unwinding at night.

Our one-bedroom apartments are equipped with gorgeous bathroom fixtures, so the changes you’ll want to make are simple. Get an essential oil diffuser, splurge on your favorite skin care products, and pamper yourself with towels you’d never buy for yourself. A candle, a piece of art, a framed magazine cover, and more can add a little bit of something you love, so that this space is dedicated space for you to look and feel your best.

The smartest way to go about this is pretending you’re a wellness expert who is preparing for YOU to arrive. What would they choose for you? What surprises might you include that would truly make you happy? And it won’t be hard to make an impact on your daily routines. Waterside Residences on Quivira, the superior choice for luxury apartments near you, already boast elegant bathrooms, so your new mini spa setup may not take very long to create.

Waterside Residences on Quivira Wish You a Healthy, Happy, Amazing 2023!

We wish you the best for the year ahead. We hope you’ll take time to make your space as cozy, comfortable, and chic as you want it to be – and that includes making sure your four-legged best friend loves it as well.

Our luxury apartments near you – including studios, one-bedroom apartments, and more – are accepting applications now. What’s more, our luxury apartments are pet-friendly. For a one-time nonrefundable fee and an additional pet rent fee, your most important family member is welcome at Waterside Residences on Quivira. And because we don’t have breed restrictions, we truly mean this!

To schedule a tour of our Kansas City apartments, give us a call at (913) 871-0039 or send us a message online. In the meantime, imagine turning one of our floor plans into your own haven for life, work, and play by viewing a virtual tour on our website. Happy 2023!

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